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Happy new year!

8 Jan


The last two weeks have been nothing short of magical. In no particular order: we climbed an active volcano, strolled through 2000 year old city frozen (or buried) in time, looked down onto thousands of fireworks, shared meals with Italian families, been visited and gifted by a witch, met an artistic hermit who has spent 40 years living in a canyon, slept in the same canyon, seen lemons the size of a football, listened to a bell choir orchestrated by cows, dragged our bikes up mountains, spent New Years Day on a beach, cycled through clouds, visited a village of 400 no larger than a kitchen, explored caves, photographed the best photographer in the world, herded goats from our bicycles, endured two broken chains three flats and a troublesome derailleur, drank four euro cappuccinos, had fireworks thrown at our tent, and slept by the sea. Continue reading