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Happy Thanksgiving!

12 Oct

We still find ourselves following the Rhein, although 300 km farther south, and 15km north of the French boarder.

Yesterday, we had the most wonderful Thanksgiving Monday we could have asked for. We woke up very early in the very chilly morning (5:30 am, with the stars still out) and biked to Speyer, where the biggest church in Europe is. The church was absolutely awe-inspiring and left us speechless… Alec was nearly converted on the spot. Perhaps even more incredible was the size of breakfast we got in Speyer for only 8 euros each (croissants, buns, pretzels, fruit, yogurt, cheeses, meats, tomatos, museli, eggs, orange juice, coffee… YUM!). Our spirits were high as we shared in the deliciousness, and we called this our German Thanksgiving Feast. Continue reading


Greetings from the Rhein River!

8 Oct

Greetings from St. Goar, on the mighty Rhein River!

Before we begin this entry, we need to make a mega kudos to our good friend Christoph, who has helped us develop this blog and is managing our photos and route map (and everything else website related) from Austria so that we can maximize our time exploring. We met Christoph last year through the Outdoor Club, and we can’t wait until we can reconnect with him in his home country. We can’t say how much we appreciate everything he has already done for us!

We have now been cycling along this historic river for two days. The Rhein River flows from Switzerland to the Netherlands, and we are cycling the German section into France. Currently we are in the 60 kilometre stretch that is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site and have decided to take a break from camping and enjoy the luxuries of youth hostels (German: jungendherbegen), also known as bed, shower and internet. Continue reading