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20 Nov

Hello, dear friends, from Zadar, Croatia!

We write to you from a cafe beside the sea, enjoying two glasses of chilly red wine for only 16 kuna. Zadar is in the northern part of the Dalmation Coast, which is a 375 kilometre section on the Adriatic Sea renowned for sunny skies, clear waters, and rich history. The beaches make this area a major tourist attraction in the summer, but now the foreigners are few. Some of the locals wonder why we are visiting Croatia now, but we are really enjoying being here in the off-season (and the reality is that cycle touring in Europe for a year means we have to spend winter somewhere)! We enjoy the chance to meet more locals, seeing how cities exist without tourists, less traffic on the roads, and appreciate the cheaper rates and the fact that we don’t need to reserve anything. Sometimes we feel we have entire places to ourselves, and that is truly magical. We also find the locals more hospitable and accessible than they otherwise might be (for example, a waiter we recently had treated us to coffee and several shots). The atmosphere is certainly quieter, and thus seems less hectic, which matches our cycle touring mentality perfectly. Continue reading