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A short yet sweet trip through Slovenia

9 Nov

Greetings from Croatia!

We have spent the last few days making our way south from Austria and today we find ourselves in Croatia; finally leaving the EU. And what a splendid few days we have had. Our last two nights in Graz saw us enjoying dinners with former outdoor clubbers: our generous blog-master and very dear friend, Christoph (‘09/10) and Erich (‘07/08). Christoph had us over to his flat and we prepared a massive feast. We felt so welcome in his home and enjoyed spending quality time in a kitchen. Afterwards we met up with our Austrian guides from the previous day (Wolfgang and Andrea) and we headed out on the town. Graz is a big student town and we were delighted to see how many options there were and how many people were out, despite it being a Wednesday. The next evening, Erich and his girlfriend Violet took us out for a traditional meal and we followed it up with a visit to an Irish pub, and their company was matched by their generosity. Continue reading


We love Austria

2 Nov

Hello from Graz, Austria!

The last week has been a whirlwind since arriving in Vienna, our final stop along the Danube. We have set the bikes aside for the week, and are enjoying the company of many fabulous friends in the area. McMaster has a good exchange relationship with the Technical University in Graz so we have met many fine folk that study in this city along the years, and are thrilled at the chance to reconnect with them! Continue reading