The first pictures from the trip! Starting in Amsterdam going to Valkenburg. Some awesome shots and everything still looks pretty new! » see the gallery!

Pictures from the route in Germany following the Rhine starting basically in Aachen and climbing up the Rhine until Wörth, which is close to the French border.
You will also find some Thanksgiving pictures and the route pictures until Munich and further on to Passau in Germany. » see the gallery!

The route takes them along the Danube starting from Passau via Linz to Vienna. A lot of epic sceneries with cold crisp air and all colored leaves are captured on these Pictures. » see the gallery!

Finally in warmer temperatures Alec and Caitlin riding south along the Croatian coastline. Mediterranean mood mixed with Balkan feelings come up when looking through the pictures. » see the gallery!

Pictures from the south of Italy going up north again. Snow and Christmas is lurking around. » see the gallery!

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