more meditation

13 Feb

Ok, for all those people who also want to meditate a bit (as Alec and Caitlin did in the Swiss mountains), but can’t take a year out to have the experience of your life, please take out some minutes and get inspired to go biking. It is not just wonderful and healthy (as you can see in this short movie here), but also reconnects you with your environment, as you are not sitting in an air-conditioned compound steel and glass box jammed in traffic and business. You can inhale a bit reality with every stroke.

life cycles trailer

This is one of the latest and best bike movies (freeride and freestyle) that got to my mind. It is freakin awesome with so many stunning angles and views. Please buy the dvd and watch the whole movie, I’ll do so!

1950 Cyclocross Race

This is just so inspiring: One of the first mountainbike races, even without a mountainbike. These people are just pioneers of cross country biking.

Way Back Home

Who doesn’t like artistic bike riding? If you want to loose yourself in old English sceneries with an increadible freestyle bmx rider will have to watch this! Of course, powered by red bull…


Don’t take this too serious! (Provocative) Snapshots from people in and around the bikekitchen. A vienese facility who voluntary repair bikes and support the local bike riding community. Of course they like to present them in a very liberal way 🙂

Pedal – Trailer

Have you ever thought of being a bike messenger? After I first saw the movie tempo I really badly wanted to be one and still, this thinking influences me now. Probably it is a good choice then to first watch a really big documentary about it:


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