Europe Tomorrow!!!

22 Sep

So the time has come and Alec & Caitlin are going to Europe, leaving their beloved Canada behind to spread their attitude of living in Europe. I am excited and can’t wait until they stop by at my house. Better prepare and expect them to show up near you soon! Check out the ROUTE to see where they are right now.

Here’s what Alec & Caitlin sent a lot of people on facebook to say good-bye:

Hello friends!

We are officially starting our journey today! We are flying from Toronto to Amsterdam this evening, and starting our cycle! We have packed up our entire lives into ten panniers and are ready to see what the European continent has to offer! We don’t quite know what will happen over the upcoming year, but we know we will learn an incredible amount about ourselves, each other, and the world!

We are certainly going to miss all you wonderful folk so we are planning on taking full advantage of the technology era to keep in touch. We’ll be keeping a travel blog, so if you’re interested you can follow us at: , where we will regularily update with photos and stories, and hopefully read comments from people back home.

Until we meet again, be happy and healthy, and we hope to be in touch with you soon!

With lots of love,
Alec & Caitlin

Hope you have a better start!


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